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 I'm Grace Pillz.

I am


& a

born and




Fla🌴 .

I'm "surprisingly

social" for a



super loyal



all things

local and women-owned 🫶🏼

Grace Pillsbury

  • 10+ Years in the Small Business and Entrepreneurial Space

  • Owner of Wild Ellis

  • The one who will tell you to quit your job cause your idea will *totally* work!

Working with entrepreneurs every day is the most energizing job I could ever dream up. Facilitating a community that gives back, raises the standard, and believes in people, is the most exhilarating way I could ever imagine spending my time.

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a little bit about me...

  • Being outdoors with an animal can always fix a bad day
  • Kitties are great snuggle buddies - but one day I'll have a dog!
  • Austin is my husband, my BFF and fellow biz owner
  • I'm an enneagram 8 and I use tools like the Enneagram to help me, help you!
About 8 years ago, 

Austin asked me "what's your dream job?" to which I said, "It would be so cool if I could sit with people and give them advice and support them."

I had no idea... 

To be here, years later, sitting across from some of the most inspirational, talented, and diverse women I've ever met - it gives me butterflies.

Entrepreneur is a type of person that you are, more than just an alternate career path. No one gets that more than someone who's lived it!

Brands I've Coached

Ashley Wilson Photography
Creation's Call
Harlow James Floral

Ready to take yourself, and your brand, to the next level with 1-1 coaching?

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