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How To Fail and Why It's Very Important

I hate setting goals.

The real reason why I hate setting goals is that I am afraid to not reach them.

Fear of failure is a big motivator for me (LOL). It’s the main reason I never played sports growing up because if I wasn’t good at it right away, there was a high likelihood that I would lose. Losing a.k.a. failing was not an option for me.

If I don’t set any goals, then I can’t miss any goals. It’s like, any amount of something is better than nothing, and that’s better than failing completely.

It’s so bad, I know.

But, I also know I am not the only one who feels this way.

Being able to fail is a super important life skill that many people don't have.

If you never learn to fail, then ultimately, it means that you never learn to try.

In my opinion, the two are one and the same. Trying requires an element of risk - the risk of falling flat on your ass and being humiliated and having to process that failure on an emotional level.

…. Processing failure on an emotional level… phew. How many of us have run in the opposite direction when presented with that opportunity, huh?!

I know I have. But I mask it with confidence and by working the system and only setting “goals” for things that I know won’t be hard to pull off.

Here’s what happens though - nothing. Nothing happens.

Except for the same thing that has always happened, because I know I can pull it off over and over and avoid …. failure!

So, how do we face that fear, actually set real goals, and move in the right direction toward reaching those goals? (all without totally panicking and running back to the safety zone)

To be totally honest, I’m not really sure. My best guess, and my plan, is to try and practice. Practice setting realistic goals that scare me a little, that are super-specific and measurable, and that I know deep down I want. Practice being uncomfortable, working towards something I may fail at.

This year, I set a list of goals that push against every boundary of my comfort zone and will make me think and act more intentionally if I rise to the occasion.

You can do it too. I know you can!

So, if you’re setting a half-hearted goal for your business out of fear this year - I invite you to try to fight for more with me!

Fight for your dreams, fight for your desires, fight for the future you want.

That means setting scary and specific goals, and not being afraid of the outcome.

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